Solar Power System Information

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This home has a two year old solar electric grid-tie system.  It is comprised of sixty 120 watt Solarex MSX-120 panels and three Trace ST2500 Grid Tie Inverters.

None of the panels can be seen from the street.  A portion (20 of the 60 panels) of the array can be seen below:

P3319650-600x800.jpg (127214 bytes)
20 of 60 panels

P2039480-600x800.jpg (189148 bytes)
You can barely see the 34 panel array from the neighbor's yard

P4019730-800x600.jpg (43193 bytes)
Three Trace ST2500 Grid-Tie Inverters

P4019731-800x600.jpg (41735 bytes)


We have saved all of our power bills since installation.  You'll see that our average bill has been around $15.00 per month.  That's a huge savings, considering the pool, spa, and air conditioning.  These panels have a 25 year manufacturer's warranty.